Cecile Deterre

Aufsichtsrat: offen
AR Ausbildung: Zukunft.Frauen Durchgang 21
Beruf: Blue Planet Ecosystems, Co-founder and Head of Data Science
Branche: Biotechnology
Technische Ausbildung: Physics/Engineering
Land: Austria

  • Former particle physicist at CERN and data scientist
  • Currently Head of Data Science at a start-up developing innovative and sustainable aquaculture technology
  • Experience with very diverse fields, from data analytics to automation

Mein Beitrag im Aufsichtsrat: (Stichworte)
Biotechnology, Female Leadership, Digitalisation, AI

Mein Beitrag im Aufsichtsrat:
As a member of the board, my contributions would be multifaceted, combining my expertise in business intelligence, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership. I also bring extensive knowledge in various IT fields such as IoT, cloud infrastructure, electronics, as well as data science, machine learning and physics, which allows me to leverage innovation and collaboration to drive strategic decision-making. By combining these skills and experiences, I can bring a unique perspective to the board, helping to foster a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to governance.