Forum Supervisory Board 01/25/2023

A lecture by theologian and logotherapist Christoph Schlick
about SELF-DETERMINED or FOREIGN-DETERMINED, about the world of crises, their turbulence, upheavals and “emptying of meaning”.
At the age of 19 he decided, from one day to the next, to join the Seckau Abbey as a Benedictine monk for 24 years. Inspired by the neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, he founded the SinnZENTRUM in Salzburg in 2014.
He brought up thoughts on perseverance and sustainability in the supervisory board.
Musically framed by the string quartet ATMOS.

Conversation with; Jacqueline Erhart Helga Hartl Brigitta John Gerhard Pix Christoph Hasenzagl Clarissa-Diana de Grancy Gunnar Björn Heinrich Christian Weigel Irene Gludowacz Barbara Sawka Markus Schmut Herbert Gradl Josef Fritz Josef Kranawetter Peter Dziergas my colleagues on the finAngel Advisory Board
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