Rainer Schamberger

Supervisory board: previously PayLife, Eurogiro, GSA, Sberbank Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina
SB Education: KPMG
Profession: CEO/ Partner Eurogroup Consulting,
Inustry: Business Consulting
Technical Education: Dr Technical, Computer Science TU Vienna
Country: Austria

  • international management experience
  • Digital ecosystems and platforms, especially in the open finance context
  • Digitization and architecture based on the customer journey

My contribution to the supervisory board: (Keywords)
Navigator in the complex business and IT environment as a bridge between professionalism and IT

My contribution to the supervisory board:
I have an international network, especially in the retail financial services sector, and was able to help set up and support a number of companies. The speed of the environment often requires that decisions be made quickly – according to a fast time to market – in order to be competitive: architecture, make or buy decisions, customer centricity and data are crucial factors here. In this area of conflict, I was able to contribute to addressing the corresponding relevant issues and to generate target-oriented solutions.