Thomas Dopler

Supervisory board: Worked as a supervisory board member for a total of 7 companies
SB Education:  Learning by doing (supervisory board member at 7 companies), experience as sole managing director of a company with a turnover of up to €50 million
Profession: Managing Partner
Industry: Innovation and sustainability consulting
Technical Education:  Studied materials science at the MU Leoben, doctorate at the Ecole Centrale Paris
Country: Austria

  • Over 30 years of experience in innovation
  • Technical and commercial expertise in a managerial role in series production and mechanical and plant engineering
  • Strategic support for companies on their way to sustainability

My contribution to the supervisory board: (Keywords)

Corporate management Strategy Innovation and R&D Economic competence M&A Sustainability Foreign experience International cooperation Sales Series production
Mechanical and plant engineering, Carbon footprints and optimization, ESG reporting

My contribution to the supervisory board:
Sustainable strategic support for innovative companies from start-ups to medium-sized companies in today’s rapidly changing environment.
Mastering the challenges of internationalization or globalization, digitalization, demographic change and climate protection together.
Maintaining and expanding prosperity in Europe through innovation.